The Amazing Breakthrough In Child Cancer Treatment

When Parents Fight Back

Outdated long term chemotherapy protocols are being eclipsed by the latest clinical experience showing there is a better way to defeat cancer and save children from harsh side effects. The new documentary film detailing the evidence is called, Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back, now out on Amazon Prime Videos and Vimeo on Demand. Flipping the Script follows a number of parents whose children are already in remission from leukemia and lymphoma. They are horrified by the organ failure, brain damage and cancer relapse caused by intense 2–4 year chemotherapy protocols that have been forced on their children. And by forced, I mean doctors tell them, “Do what we say or we will call child protective services to take your child from you and put them in foster care for the duration of treatment.” These protocols are for 2–4 years for ALL Leukemia and Lymphoma.


Out now on Amazon Prime Videos and Vimeo on Demand

I first got the call from a mother in Kansas City, Missouri asking me, “If cancer can be killed naturally for adults, why do I not have that option for my child, especially since she is already in remission.” My first thought was that maybe she was misguided. Of course you can treat children with natural cancer treatment, I thought. But in trying to help her, I quickly found out that she was trapped with literally no options. How could this be? I had already released the film Cancer Can Be Killed showing 15 success stories all treated naturally, including my wife who had to go to Germany for bladder cancer. I say had to, because here in Los Angeles and everywhere in the US, doctors said her bladder had to be removed and her vagina cut in half. It wasn’t hard to at least roll the dice by going to Germany and try the hyperthermia (focused heat), Ozone therapy and IV nutrients. She was cancer free in 30 days . . . no chemo, no radiation, no radical surgery. But children are different, and the State feels the need to step in and defend the child from a potentially crazy or uninformed parent. So what to do? More calls started coming in from parents literally watching their child, already in remission, dying from intense chemotherapy.

Medical refugee Allora 4 months after stopping forced chemotherapy

We only had 1 person we could call . . . only one published case of a mother fighting to stop chemotherapy for her child. That woman was Sierra Riddle and her story was published by both Newsweek magazine and CNN in 2014. Sierra saw that her son Landon was dying from chemotherapy and cranial radiation for ALL Leukemia so she pulled him off the chemo and switched to cannabis oil and an all organic diet. There was a showdown before a judge with all kinds of outrageous claims made by the doctors including a promise from then head of oncology at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Dr Stephen Hunger, that he would stake his medical license on the fact that Landon Riddle would relapse within a year if he did not do the long term 3 year chemotherapy. But the judge ruled that Landon would be tested and if cancer was still present, he would have to go back on chemo . . . if no cancer present, then he was free to be treated however Sierra saw fit. He was tested and no cancer was found. Landon is now over 5 years cancer free setting the precedent that long term chemo is not necessary for children to survive leukemia.

But there is a big difference between one child who successfully stopped chemo and the statistics that show that children who go off long term chemo relapse. Parents and doctors dug in their heels and started looking into what caused the cancer in the first place and what biologically was out of balance in the body. What they found was that toxins played a huge role in the cancer along with poor nutrition, something pediatric oncologists had missed and never looked for. The MO for pediatric oncologists is to force protocols on children without looking for non toxic alternatives. And one could argue that pediatric oncologists are really the unsung heroes of the terrorist community. To force long term toxic treatments (without testing anything non toxic), on children over the last 50 years with global deaths in the millions makes most terrorists look like ruffians on the middle school playground. I prefer to look at pediatric oncologists though as just stuck between a rock and a hard place. They go through an intense sleep deprived medical school and internship experience, not allowed to question what they are taught only to end up forced themselves to practice medicine only one way or lose their license. So it’s hard to really hold them accountable for anything other than just practicing their best while doing the bidding of their drug overlords. In the process of making the film we found one oncologist actually saying, “Chemo will not even be practiced 10 years from now, it will all be the science of nutrition and other strategies.” (Of course we had to protect his anonymity and he refused to speak on camera, but it says a lot to know that there are some aware of the options out there.)



Harvey and sister June as Harvey ended long term chemo 2.5 years short of a mandated protocol

So how do parents change the outcome of children relapsing who go off long term chemo? The magic bullet that parents found for treating cancer is as follows: Nutrition, Detox, Cannabis Oil and Testing. Once the child is in remission from cancer, parents can utilize this strategy to keep their child cancer free. So within “Nutrition,” that includes things like organic fruits and vegetables, cutting out refined sugar, gluten, dairy and temporarily red meat and processed foods. Getting plenty of probiotics and enzymes, supplements and IV nutrients like Vitamin C can add to the equation. Studies show that relapse actually happens from the chemo not the original cancer, so JOB 1 is to detox the child completely to get the toxins out of the body. And here’s where allopathic western medicine is guilty of selective attention to the facts about cancer. It has been proven again and again (and shown with a nice animation in the film Flipping the Script,) that cancer is metabolic or environmental and not genetic. Yet every medical school in the country teaches that cancer is genetic thus opening the door to toxic treatments like chemotherapy. Dr. Jason Fung, who speaks of medical corruption in the film, writes that if you get the paradigm wrong about cancer’s origins, then everything that follows in terms of treatment is wrong. Such is the case with chemotherapy. After the child goes into remission, all chemotherapy is doing is adding to the toxic load in the body, encouraging a relapse. Chemo is so toxic that it will take years for these children to repair their guts, their brains, their organs . . . but detoxing can be done and is effective to restore these little bodies. Cannabis oil has also been added to the mix for parents in the film because it is a proven cancer killer both in studies done by our federal government here in the states, (of course studies were buried and cannabis was deemed to have no value) and in Israel. Cannabis is actually used in hospitals in Israel. And then finally parents work with naturopaths to test their child through a variety of methods including a Nagalase test, NutrEval, RGCC, gluten sensitivity and many others to find what the body needs. IV nutrients can be given to make up for what the body lacks as a result of chemo poisoning.

As of the date this article is published, there are multiple children thriving without long term chemo by utilizing nutrition, detox, cannabis oil and testing. But getting out of the hospital and away from the threats and bullying by the oncologists, that’s where Flipping The Script becomes a dramatic documentary unlike any other. When we started filming, January 2018, we had no idea how to break free of the medical tyranny. One family became refugees and moved to Mexico, just not wanting to fight. But other families started calling the doctors bluff. And here is the pattern that was established: After enlisting an attorney, parents called their oncologist to say they were transferring care to a new medical team made up of naturopaths, functional medicine doctors and other specialists to monitor the health of their child. Doctors called Child Protective Services saying the child was in imminent danger and needed to be taken and put in foster care for chemotherapy otherwise they would die. CPS came to the families home only to find the children well taken care of, a new medical plan in place, and were HORRIFIED to find out what doctors were doing to children. In every case in the film CPS sided with the parents.

Now it’s clear that these parents in the film were all very motivated and if a parent were to take their kid off chemo and feed them McDonalds every day a relapse would almost certainly occur. But here’s why these parents have now set a precedent that will literally change child cancer treatment: it forces oncologists to start testing non toxic methods of treating cancer or risk mass action lawsuits in the billions of dollars. And you read correctly . . . nothing is being tested in child cancer treatment except chemotherapy and radiation. The argument for long term chemotherapy has been so that the cancer doesn’t come back and that there is an 80% “success” rate using the current protocols. But when you dig a little deeper that’s only to keep the child alive for 5 years (what?!?), and no regard for the organ failure, brain damage, relapse and death. The real kicker is that chemotherapy does not kill cancer stem cells, it’s just the only tool doctors have in their toolbox. The business model of testing only drugs on cancer has been fantastic monetarily for the medical industry. But new studies have shown that cancer does not respond to drugs, it responds to changing the bodies terrain and making it alkaline. So, we’ve finally reached that threshold where the evidence of success from natural cancer treatment is just too powerful to ignore.

The hope for everyone including those in the medical profession is that western medicine grows up and becomes more inclusive. The monopoly that we have all allowed serves drug patent holders, not patients. And by monopoly, I mean they are the only party to be covered by insurance. There’s only one state in the Union that forces insurance carriers to pay for some natural treatments and that state is Washington. It appears that much like gay marriage equality and cannabis legalization, natural cancer treatment is going to be a slow road to awareness that eventually results in a revolution that allows people to thrive. We have the technology, we have the understanding, now we just need the change.

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