Taylor Bland-Ball, Joshua McAdams and Noah: The Real Story

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Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball

Taylor Bland-Ball went live on Facebook Sunday, May 5th, 2019 to set the record straight on her efforts to treat her son Noah, in remission from cancer. The media, especially the Washington Post, has been guilty of passing judgement first and verifying facts later. As it turns out the parents were not treating their child with “herbal remedies,” as opposed to true medical care. They were in fact pursuing the finest medical care, just without chemotherapy.

So here are the facts as Taylor relays them on a Facebook live video:

Within 3 days of chemo treatment, there were no blasts or cancer in Noah’s blood.

Within 10 days the family was discharged from John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital.

Staff at Johns Hopkins was rude, lacked communication and upon ringing the bell to signify remission, the bell came off the wall and injured Noah, bruising his arm. Knowing that Taylor was seeking a second opinion, the hospital repeatedly harassed Taylor through phone calls to come in for more appointments. Taylor at that point stopped returning phone calls.

The family went to Kentucky, continuing their quest for the best medical help available and ran blood labs immediately, with the results showing further good health.

U of K Chandler hospital also had questionable quality of care as there was an old bloody syringe under the bed, a sharp nail outside the room and a shared patient bathroom with feces and urine on the floor with nobody cleaning it 3 hours after requesting a cleaning.

The family was kicked out of the hospital for not doing more chemo, and Noah was placed in a foster home.

CPS officials were sent to apprehend Noah saying he was “gravely ill” and “needs lifesaving medical care.”

No arrest was ever made of the family. Noah was flown back with a nice Florida CPS official.

Upon arrival, Noah’s blood was again stellar with no sign of cancer. At this point no more blood tests were done (curious, since previously they did them 2–3 times a day) and the hospital refused to do a bone marrow aspiration to further prove Noah’s health.

Sheriffs had reported that the family refused chemo to instead do “herbal remedies.” Taylor clarifies that she was choosing proven methods for treating cancer that don’t harm the body, like high oxidation, IV Vitamins and nutrients (far more effective than simply taking a pill form) and lowering stress along with nutrition and other supplements.

John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital administered steroids for the purpose of getting Noah ready for more chemo without permission.

Noah, 3 years old, was put in a crib for 2 days, diapered (even though he is fully potty trained,) not allowed to look out the window or go outside, and only allowed to watch TV. Taylor asks how taking him away from all that he loves is in the best interest of the child.

Hillsborough County Sheriffs, the State, and John’s Hopkins Hospital all made a big mistake and Taylor will not be quiet!

CNN performed an interview and the reporter was aghast at the reality of the situation and couldn’t believe what was happening. As of this day, CNN has still not reported on the story.

Other media outlets slandered the family and made them out to be criminals.

Flipping The Script: When Parent’s Fight Back is a great documentary film shedding light on medical kidnapping as it relates to child cancer.

Taylor and Joshua’s attitude as it relates to the abusive authorities has been, “we have to protect our child more than we have to bow down to you.”

(End of Taylor’s live video)

Taylor with protesters at Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital

Beginning this week, the 6th of May, the family will have the opportunity to meet with other doctors that do not use chemotherapy and will present their case in court that they are in fact NOT negligent parents. Family attorney Michael Minardi has stressed from the beginning that adults are allowed to seek second opinions and treat their cancer without chemo — children deserve the same privilege. Especially children with no sign of cancer in their blood.

Good Morning America Sunday Morning (5/5) inaccurately reported an interview with Dr. Bijal Shah from Moffitt Cancer Center, who in a stunning lack of understanding, said that the protocol for treating Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has a proven track record and a 90% cure rate. That is categorically false! All the protocol offers is a supposed 90% survival rate to keep a child alive for 5 years with HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. The protocol is not a cure! In addition, the supposed survival rates of 90% have never been published anywhere. What are the parameters of the study? How many were included? When a child dies from immune suppression from the chemo, is that statistically ignored? Or how about the stark reality that chemotherapy does not even have the power to kill cancer stem cells!

The real smoking gun in child cancer care is the complete lack of testing for anything other than chemotherapy. For the time being, parents have found refuge in a host of medical professionals willing to monitor the health of the child without chemo. Things like cannabis oil, nutrition and detox have worked time after time with families, all documented in the film Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back. Families, with children in remission, who went off chemo , are thriving with the cases being anywhere from 1–7 years without relapse. Curiously Congressman Adam Schiff had the film pulled from Amazon Prime Videos on March 1st, 2019, after writing a letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, asking him to remove all “medically inaccurate” information. Everything and everybody in the film is in the care of a doctor at this time begging the question . . . what exactly is inaccurate? Why would Adam Schiff want to silence a film that is saving lives? I met with a staffer from his office last week as Schiff refuses to meet with me personally and I am still waiting for a response. The film is currently available on Vimeo On Demand, Google Play and iTunes.

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Protesters rallied on May 4th, 2019 to protest custody removal and forced chemo.

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