Stopping Chemo

Let me start by saying that stopping chemo in the middle of a long-term protocol is a big decision and not to be done lightly. Once you go down this path, there are no “experts” or anyone to hold your hand and tell you some fairy tale that there is a guaranteed 94% success rate. The decision requires the wherewithal on your part to do the legwork of any number of things including detoxification, IV nutrients, super clean nutrition, cleaning up your environment, cannabis oil and testing as well as finding a new medical team. If you are willing to do this, then stopping long term chemo not only makes sense, but is actually the best chance for survival let alone saving your child from organ failure, relapse or death.

So here is how the process works. Once your child is in remission, which often happens in the first 45 days for leukemia and lymphoma, your child has now in the eyes of Child Protective Services and the State crossed over into being in “no imminent danger.” Imminent danger is defined as having active cancer in the bone marrow or in the peripheral blood. At this point Child Protective Services can be educated and shown that long term chemo is just a theory and not medical science. In fact, science does not favor long term chemo, but rather supports strengthening the immune system and detoxifying the body. The only rationale doctors use for long term chemo is that cancer is a genetic disease and the DNA needs to be altered through chemo. The flaws in this theory are countless but suffice it to say that it has been proven again and again that cancer is a metabolic or environmental disease and not genetic.

Child Protective Services are open to whatever is best for your child. You just have to show them that you have another plan in place, one that is better than chemo. This will require a new medical team. You are looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor or Integrative Doctor or a Naturopath. As you approach them THE WORDING IS EVERYTHING. You are asking them to monitor your child’s health who is IN REMISSION from cancer. (Not, “Can you please treat my child who has cancer.” A – that would be false, and B – they would say that their hands are tied legally and cannot do it.) Monitoring your child’s health includes, but not limited to: Testing the body to see what it needs and how continued natural treatment is healing the body. Doing blood tests. IV Nutrients including Vitamin C. Detoxifying the body. Repairing the gut.

Next, you will want to find an attorney to back you up. Family Law, Civil Rights or Cannabis Attorneys have been the most willing to represent parents. The attorney is necessary in case doctors lie to CPS and come up with a reason to keep your child. The attorney can get you before a judge within 24 hours to prevent the hospital from taking your child.

Once the new medical team and the attorney are in place, you are ready to make the phone call to your pediatric oncologist and say that you are transferring care and that their services will no longer be needed. They will threaten you at this point and say they are calling CPS. You can tell them that is fine. At which point CPS will either call or show up at your door. You can then welcome them in and explain the truth about childhood cancer and long term chemo protocols.

Within anywhere from a week to a month, once CPS has verified your new health team, you can expect a call saying that you are free to treat your child as you see fit.

So to recap:

  1. Get an attorney and new health team in place.
  2. Call your hospital and oncologist and tell them you will be transferring care.
  3. Educate CPS on the facts about childhood cancer.

Here are some more arguments if you need them (and you may need for both attorney and naturopath):

Legal Argument Against Long Term Chemotherapy

The horrendous crime happening to children in America is forced long term (2-4 years) chemotherapy for blood cancers even after children are in remission.  For the blood cancers Lymphoma and Leukemia, chemotherapy has been effective in sending these children into remission within 45 days.  Then comes the mandate:  Children must undergo 2-4 more years of chemotherapy so the cancer “doesn’t come back.”  Their rationale is that they have an 80-90% success rate and that qualifies them to mandate the treatment.

The fallacy in the argument is multiple:

*1st of all chemotherapy does not kill cancer stem cells, so all it kills are some outlying cancer cells while destroying the body. The way to kill cancer stem cells is with detoxification and nutrition. There is a test called the RGCC test, which identifies exactly what natural substances kill the patient’s cancer. The FDA and doctors do not perform this test because it would expose the unscientific nature of their protocols.

*The so called “success rate” is a 5-year survival rate, meaning they are 80-90% effective at getting children to 5 more years of life, (this with life altering horrendous side effects.) Getting a patient just 5 more years to live is unacceptable as cancer is not a life threatening out of control disease. It is a symptom of the body being out of balance and fully treatable. The goal is not 5 years; it is 100 years without harmful side effects.

*The mandated chemo protocols are the only thing being tested by the FDA for childhood leukemia, lymphoma, and most cancers. Nothing else is tested . . . only chemo. How can you mandate something that hasn’t been tested against anything else, especially when we know it works for adults?

*Adults who do have freedom are having lots of success with natural treatments, but the FDA prefers not to test them to keep the chemo monopoly.

*Children who are nearly killed with chemo and then discharged are having massive success with cannabis, nutrition and detox strategies. There are hundreds of studies, especially recently in Israel, showing the ability of cannabis to kill cancer.

*The prevailing theory of cancer labels it a genetic disease when in fact it is environmental or metabolic ( The only justification for chemo is to affect the genes or temporarily drive down white blood cell counts. There is no science to defend long term chemo . . . it is a hope and a wish that cancer will be prevented from coming back. But since cancer is metabolic or environmental, chemo only serves to weaken the body’s immune system and cause secondary cancers.

*Hospitals love to say that they have a 90% success rate (St. Jude’s even says 94%) at beating leukemia and lymphoma with long term chemo. Upon further review, not only is this only for keeping a child alive for 5 years, there is no documented evidence of this supposed “90% success rate.” There has never been an independent audit. Does 90% include all those who relapsed down the road from cancer causing chemo? The numbers are clearly manipulated as anyone who sees the actual results can attest.

*Doctors love to say that everything they do has been rigorously tested which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, everything they do has been bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies and doctors are now starting to blow the whistle and demand better. If the system has been corrupted and we can prove it, then it would be ludicrous to entrust doctors with the final judgment on what can be done with our children’s health!