Forcing Children Into Chemotherapy: When Doctors Become Bullies

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After 30 days of chemo for the lowest grade leukemia all cancer was gone for this boy. Then they were told they needed 3.5 years more of chemo.

Most people are unaware that in the United States of America, 2018, doctors can force long term toxic chemotherapy on a child . . . even if the child has no more cancer in their body. If parents say no, doctors are mandated to call Child Protective Services and offer an ultimatum: either willingly take your child to 2–4 years of chemotherapy or we will take your child from you and place them in foster care for the duration of their treatment!

Such are the calls I have been getting from parents around the United States shocked that their child had a brief bout of Leukemia or Lymphoma, treated it with chemo which was effective in driving down the white blood cells or blasts, only to be informed that now they needed 2–4 more years of chemo to make sure the remaining small number of leukemia cells are destroyed and don’t come back. And though families have had attorneys, they were able to do nothing to stop the onslaught on their child. Their ONLY option was to leave the country.

So let’s break this down for a moment. Let’s look at this from the doctor’s perspective, because surely they have good reasons for doing what they do. The argument is that cancer treatment protocols for children with blood cancers net an 80–90% success rate for a life threatening illness. No other protocol has proven as effective so we’ve got to override everyone’s fears and look out for the best interest of the child.

But when they say 90% success rate, that’s only for 5 years and doesn’t factor in the HORRENDOUS side effects that the child will have for life like:

Chemo brain, heart problems, reduced lung capacity, kidney & urinary problems, neuropathy, bone & joint problems, muscle weakness, SECONDARY CANCERS, Ovary issues, decreased fertility, learning disabilities, hearing loss, osteonecrosis, stunted growth, osteoporosis, dental problems, and more.

How can one possibly measure 5 years of life a success rate for something that is not always life threatening? Why not 20, 50, 80 years? So when we actually look at this so called “success rate,” doctors and the FDA are mandating toxic life altering treatments for far less than an 80–90% success rate. Success is killing the cancer and causing the patient to thrive. It is happening for adults who are allowed to use other therapies, there’s no reason it can’t happen for children.

But the most damning evidence of all is that these life altering toxic treatments are being mandated without testing ANY other scientifically proven cancer killers. As in, the FDA only allows drugs and chemo to be tested on blood cancers . . . NOTHING ELSE. This is like testing only sugary cereals to determine the most healthy breakfast and deciding Captain Crunch is best because it tested better in clinical trials than Lucky Charms.

Parents are calling me because I released a film summer of 2017 called Cancer Can Be Killed (Amazon Prime VideosiTunesVimeo on Demand) that showed 15 success stories all killing their cancer naturally without organ removal, chemo or radiation. And in the last 5 years there’s been a quantum leap in the science of natural cancer treatment, mostly showing that cancer acts more like a virus than any kind of genetic defect. And what this means is that cancer does not respond to drugs, it responds to cleaning up the body and taking away the environment that caused it to grow. In the case of children with blood cancers, there is usually a toxin creating the cancer and parents can use nutrition along with detoxing protocols to naturally bring the child back to health.

A far more effective treatment for blood cancers than chemo (already happening for adults) has been Sodium Selenite along with ShikoninVitamin K3 and oxidative O3 therapy, published in studies around the world including Egypt and Sweden. Mark Simon from the NORI protocol showed me the studies last week and told me about the success he’s been having with his own protocols. The studies on Sodium Selenite have been around for more than 10 years, but as you can see, nobody from the FDA or the American Medical Association have been in any rush to look for an alternative to chemo and if you follow the money you can see why. Long term treatment with chemo can make $300,000 or more, Sodium Selenite combined with nutrition and other natural therapies . . . $3500.

Or how about the Newsweek documented case of mother Sierra Riddle, who somehow got Colorado child protective services to side with her in treating her son, Landon with cannabis oil, after doctors said he would die without chemo. “I’m done with this shit . . . I’m done with you guys bullying us,” she told doctors in a meeting with CPS. Sierra’s case is the only published record of CPS siding with a parent against the medical mandate for long term chemo. And you may wonder why these families wouldn’t simply hire an attorney to protect their rights? No attorney in the country would take their case because when it comes to medical freedom for blood cancer children, there is none. There is not even a legal loophole for attorneys to challenge. In the past, parents could appeal for religious exemptions, something that has now been taken away.

But by far the most insulting aspect of child cancer care in America is that even if a parent sought ANY alternative for their child in the form of a clinical trial, they aren’t even allowed to access it until chemo has failed. This was documented way back in 1996, when Sergeant Rick Schiff testified at a Congressional Subcommittee hearing that his daughter was denied a clinical trial for her brain cancer, instead forced to go through chemo and radiation first, which killed her. The autopsy revealed no cancer in the child’s body, only the toxic effects of chemo that killed her. Here we are over 20 years later and nothing has changed.

But one thing has changed. We know that cancer can be killed. We know that the United States only tests drugs and no natural products or modalities. And if your argument is that thousands of anecdotal testimonies regarding natural cancer treatment success doesn’t count, then create a system of testing to prove that it doesn’t work. Until then, America’s practice of forcing children into 2–4 years of chemotherapy is beyond barbaric. It’s a signal that “business privilege” is way out of control. It’s OK to make money in medicine, but when it uses force to kill and harm children, the system has to change. Many doctors are frustrated and want change. Let’s band together. Say it with me: NO TESTING, NO MANDATE. If you don’t test proven cancer killers other than chemo, it is illegal and immoral to harm a child with mandated long term toxic chemotherapy.

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