Flipping The Script, Science Based Medicine, and the Real Story

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Here is a picture of Harvey today thriving after only doing a year of chemo.Flipping the Script: When Parents Fight Back was released in fall of 2018 and since that time, numerous children’s lives have been saved and nothing revealed in the film has been shown to be false or discredited. That doesn’t stop folks like sciencebasedmedicine.org from rolling out their poorly worded, grammatically challenged articles trying to dissuade viewers. And though I have not viewed them as a threat, recently the Wall Street Journal quoted SBM making it imperative that we nip this internet slander in the bud.

Reviewer Braden MacBeth, a medical school hopeful, tries his best to research the issues surrounding child cancer care, but he’s not a doctor and he makes wild predictions with no true scientific basis. As I’ve said before, science based medicine is an oxymoron . . . true science tests all possibilities and comes up with the best possible solution. Medicine is constrained by its own governing bodies that only allow drugs to be tested on cancer, and what we are finding is that drugs don’t heal, they treat symptoms. The brainwashing of society, that allopathic or western medicine doctors are the only ones who can treat disease is rapidly falling by the wayside and I can understand why they want to save their god-like status.

Let’s start with Braden’s most recent article, https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/flipping-the-script-in-action-the-nick-gundersen-case/ where he talks about the “tragic consequences” of Candace Gundersen trying to pull her son off long term chemotherapy. Candace’s rationale was that her son Nick was already in remission and Dr. Weinblatt from NYU Winthrop said that his track record was only a 35-40% success rate treating Nick’s MPAL (Mixed-Phenotype Acute Leukemia). Candace had received a court order allowing her to go to Florida to have her son treated there, but child protective services filed an emergency hearing with a new judge to take away custody and bring him back to New York. Braden says all the party line arguments that doctors just want the best for the child, CPS exists to protect and Nick’s leukemia was very treatable with chemo(?!?).

Where to start? Nick stopped chemotherapy back in January, 2019 after receiving a little over 30 days of treatment at NYU Winthrop. Nick stared the doctors right in the eyes and said, “You are not touching me anymore. This ends now!” He never received another drop of chemo. He has been cancer free ever since and is now over the 6 month mark in remission! This supposed “tragedy” that Braden MacBeth writes about never happened. On the contrary, Candace Gundersen has been vindicated proving that she was right all along, that she did know how to keep her son in remission through nutrition and detox, that chemo was not in the child’s best interest, that Child Protective Services has no right or just cause to take away custody of her son!

Nick Gundersen showing us all how to advocate for ourselves

Let that sink in for a moment. If Braden MacBeth is wrong about Nicholas Gundersen, what else is he wrong about? In my experience it is everything, because Braden has only one goal in mind . . . to protect the status quo and ignore all the success nontoxic treatments are having. Ignore the screams of the children, the cries of the parents watching their children die, the lifelong debilitating side effects from chemo that haunt these children for the rest of their lives (that is if they live that long without getting secondary cancers from the 2–4 years of chemo they are forced into.) And this really is the intolerable fact that we as parents and citizens will no longer tolerate. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE SCIENCE. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO IGNORE OUR RIGHTS TO AUTONOMY OVER OUR BODIES. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE POISON ON OUR CHILDREN!

Flipping The Script revealed that doctors work in tandem with Child Protective Services to take children from their parents who refuse long term chemo even in remission. Family Court and Child Protective Services are privately run, for profit enterprises that make money based on the number of children they bring into the system. Doctors get kickbacks for chemo. Hospitals also get kickbacks for chemo. It’s not hard to understand the incredibly evil conflicts of interest here. But I get it . . . Braden MacBeth is in his 20s and hopes to get into medical school. I was naïve too in my 20s and had very little comprehension of the depths humans will go to make money, and the cognitive dissonance it takes to take a child from his parents thinking that is somehow saving the child.

Here’s what you need to know . . . all the children in the film who went off chemo early, who used nutrition and detox (and most cannabis oil) are thriving. Here’s one of those children before getting off chemo crying out in pain over the way Methotrexate (chemo drug) is literally tearing up his insides:

Here is a picture of Harvey today thriving after only doing a year of chemo.

Harvey 1 year after stopping chemotherapy

Here is a picture of a girl from the film, who upon leaving treatment early, was told by doctors in Kansas City that she would die if she didn’t get 2 more years of chemo immediately.

Allora over 15 months free of chemo and thriving

Since the release of the film numerous other families have flipped the script either by leaving the country or simply telling their hospital they were done after remission was achieved. Sciencebasedmedicine.org loves to tell you how legitimate the evidence is that children who go off long term chemo always relapse. What they don’t tell you is that NOTHING ELSE HAS BEEN TESTED! Doctors have never tested nutrition and detox along with cannabis oil to keep a child in remission. It has been particularly exciting to see children who never get an ounce of chemotherapy recover from leukemia. A family here in Southern California was told to go to CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) for their child’s leukemia by their pediatrician. After seeing the film and knowing that CHOC would never let them go and use CPS against them, they went to a holistic doctor instead who did everything possible to strengthen the immune system with IV nutrients and other detox strategies. Three weeks later the child was healthy and none the worse for wear. I have witnessed two other cases of child leukemia healing without chemotherapy as well. Here is a short video I made about the deception of saying something is scientifically settled when no other testing is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOJuRYbGWEY

In the interest of science and full disclosure, one boy from the film who relapsed from long term chemo at St. Judes and then went on to try Car T-cell therapy died from traditional treatment. Another 14 year old girl who was pulled off chemo after 6 months didn’t buy into nutrition and detox strategies and relapsed. She was hit with a strong virus, and ate sugar after stopping chemo. There is just no way the body can recover from chemo if it is not given the full court press of no sugar, and solid nutrition. She is now back on long term chemo. Both cases further emphasize the points made in the film that sugar does feed cancer and long term chemo creates secondary cancers that are much harder to deal with.

For the record I need to clarify some SBM misinformation:

*I don’t give medical advice. I listen, share what I’ve seen and learned, and help people come to their own conclusions. I don’t get paid for any of this work other than the small amounts that dribble in through film rentals and sales. I spent $200,000 of my own money to produce two films that could help people recover from cancer.

*Flipping The Script is not anti-vaccination, or a provider of medical advice. I feel like we are back in the 17th Century during the book burnings of the Puritans who didn’t understand that censorship fails. Flipping The Script is a film that documents the experiences of families and doctors, complete with their opinions. If children got cancer or died after vaccines and mothers found causation and correlation, that opinion needs to be heard and researched. Censorship is never appropriate when it comes to science.

*Braden says there is no research on adults curing cancer with nutrition and detox. https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/ has plenty of evidence. https://nutrition.org/?s=cancerhttps://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/nutrition-research are two more.

*Western Medicine or Allopathic Medicine is so corrupt in its testing methods that clinical experience or “anecdotal testimony” is the primary way we can get accurate information. Dr. Jason Fung breaks it down here: https://medium.com/@drjasonfung/the-corruption-of-evidence-based-medicine-killing-for-profit-41f2812b8704 and https://medium.com/@drjasonfung/scientific-opinions-for-sale-5b3e7cdec8d9

That is why films like this should be celebrated by SBM, not shunned. There is a lot of information served on a silver platter here that could benefit everybody.

*Braden says that there is no evidence that leukemia is caused by a virus. He misunderstands the issue. Leukemia is caused by a lot of factors. But often in child leukemia patients, there is a strong virus and that virus is not given a chance to be healed through immune boosting strategies. It is prematurely labeled “leukemia,” when in fact it is a virus that can be treated without toxins. And therein lies the horror of what is happening to thousands of families. Because of a money driven medical rush to judgement, these children are tortured and set up for a lifetime of physical pain. Not sure why these facts don’t matter to “Science Based Medicine.” https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/03/treatments-childhood-cancer-can-devastate-lives-years-later-scientists-are-trying

*“Parents are not allowed to neglect or abuse their children by law.” ~B. MacBeth. You know who else isn’t? Doctors, pediatric oncologists, CPS workers. There is no reason, WHATSOEVER, to separate a child from his parents for seeking a second opinion or for deciding to work with a functional medicine doctor. There are hundreds of cases of this abuse, here are two I am working to free right now: https://www.gofundme.com/f/medical-freedom-for-noah and https://www.gofundme.com/f/4-year-old-malaysia-is-fighting-against-rare-brain . Candace Gundersen is still tied up in the New York court system seemingly with the goal of bankrupting her. https://www.gofundme.com/help-nick-get-healthy-again

*The biggest lie of all time in the cancer world is the 90% success rate for long term chemo curing leukemia. BIGGEST LIE. None of the data from the original research is ever produced. No clarification is ever made on whether children that die from the treatment are statistically ignored. The “success” rate is only to keep a child alive for FIVE YEARS. No mention ever made about children who relapse being kicked out of the system so their relapse doesn’t affect the numbers. We no longer accept the lack of science or transparency in the “90% success rate.”

The most dangerous thing in the world is people having decisions over children who have no skin in the game with no ability for empathy. Not all doctors play by these rules and Physicians for Informed Consent are shining lights in a world of corruption. Pediatric Oncologists are not gods. They are limited and restricted individuals, victims of the game, told what to do and forbidden to even so much as have a different opinion on child cancer care. FORBIDDEN, at the cost of losing their license. We, the informed parents of a free society, categorically reject a money driven medical and social services system that takes away our freedoms and our rights. The world is changing. Let’s hope Science Based Medicine grows up as well.

Every day that goes by is another day that the brave parents from Flipping The Script have shown that long term chemo is not necessary for children in remission from cancer. I am forever grateful for their unbelievable courage in the face of a terrifying medical climate.

“It is the responsibility of scientists never to suppress knowledge, no matter how awkward that knowledge is, no matter how it may bother those in power; we are not smart enough to decide which pieces of knowledge are permissible, and which are not.

~Carl Sagan

Flipping The Script is available on iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo on Demand.

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