Dagmara’s Story

My story started just like your story. News of diagnosis, disbelief, fear and survival mode. No time to think or make decisions and before you know it your learning about the horrible side effects chemo or radiation can cause and signing a form to allow this treatment.

You grasp to every word of the oncology team and want to trust and fear helps you out with that but quickly something feels very wrong.

You learn that nutrition and nourishing the body is not part of their plan. You learn that they are not interested in the root cause of disease. You learn that they are not interested in your questions about supportive integrative tools.

I knew that I needed guidance on this journey because I wanted more for my daughter than what conventional oncology was offering. Although there are many integrative practitioners, very few specialize in pediatric oncology support.

I was lucky — I found an integrative provider in Europe that guided us through “what else should and can be done” – he gave me hope and put responsibility back in our hands.

We used so many integrative tools to get Zuza into remission and continue to do so in order to help her thrive and decrease chance of late effects- I know that our Holistic approach is why she is Thriving today.

I went back to school with a mission: to become an Integrative Practitioner that could help guide pediatric cancer families on this journey.

I opened my medical practice and between my local patients and tele-wellness consults I am able to guide many families through this journey.

TeleWellness Cancer Consultations

TeleWellness Consultations allows families too far away from Zuza’s Way Integrative Care Clinic an opportunity to have Dagmara involved in their care.

TeleWellness Consultations is a term for virtual office visits — video chats through your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can see and speak with me using real-time audio and video technology. Please note that when you consult with me, I do replace your primary care provider; rather, I act as an expert educator, helping you understand the Integrative and Functional Medicine approach to cancer support.

At Zuza’s Way we want to empower you with knowledge and give you the right tools to make the best most informed decisions about your child health.


At your first visit, which is 80 minutes, we will discuss your child’s health concerns, symptoms, medical, personal and family history, your nutrition, movement and sleep habits. We will review previous medical records and labs. At the end of the visit I will recommend possible tests and you will receive an initial health plan within 72 hours.

On your first follow up approximately 2 weeks after your first consultation we will review results on any testing and further personalize your child’s treatment program.

After your second visit, you can expect to follow up every 1-6 months and these visits are 25-50min long based on your needs and complexity of your visit.

Support between visits is provided by email and phone during regular business hours. There is no charge for a quick question. More extended phone and email follow-up support are billed by the hour in 15-minute increments.


Nutrition: The most important medicine is at the end of our fork. You will know what, when and how much to eat for your biochemistry.

Review of lab results: In-depth understanding of your conventional blood work and specialty testing.

Customized Supplement Plan: I do believe there is such a thing as too many supplements. I will only prescribe what your child needs and nothing more. Depending on age we will make plans on “how do I get them to take these supplements”.

Customized Detox Plan: Effectively detox during and after chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.


Initial Evaluation Telewellness: $300

Case review and preparation (questionnaires and prior medical records/labs results)
60-90 minute appointment
Lab testing recommendations
Initial treatment plan (including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations)

Follow Up: $150 Initial $50-130 subsequent

Review of your progress implementing your individualized treatment plan
Recommendations for and analysis of follow-up lab testing
Refinements to your treatment plan (as needed) and detailed action plan updated after each visit.

Supplements and Laboratory Testing: The above fees are only for Dagmara Beine’s professional services and do not include the cost of any recommended supplements or laboratory testing. Please note, she is generally on the conservative end of the spectrum with his recommendations for both. You will receive a discount on supplements and pay the lowest cost available for laboratory testing.

Laboratory Testing when you are out of state

There are laboratories nationwide that you can use. Also, many of the testing recommended by Dagmara are functional tests that do not use blood but urine or hair analysis.

Insurance Policy: Zuza’s Way Integrative Care operates as a self-pay medical practice. This means that I do not accept health insurance. I can provide you with a detailed statement (Superbill) that contains diagnosis and procedure codes to assist you with possible insurance reimbursement, however, I cannot assure you that any of Dagmara Beine’s services will be reimbursed. You can also use your HSA or Flex spending account.


You will receive an invitation from ZOOM for the virtual visit before the consultation.

If you are ready to book an appointment please reply back to this email and we will set up and appointment and send you to intake paperwork.




*If you can not afford the consultation: Zuza’s Way does do one free consult per month and you can apply for this by emailing zuzasway@gmail.com

website: Zuza’s Way