Chandler Jo’s Story

When our (then 3 year old) daughter Allora was diagnosed with NH T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in 2017, our lives were rightly thrown for a loop as you’ll read in the blog posts from 2017 and in time, changed for the better.

Allora had a cough for about a week and on May 25, 2017 she appeared to be improving, that night she woke for water around 10pm and collapsed unable to breathe. We are eternally grateful we were present and able to provide rescue breathing until the paramedics arrived.

She spent eleven days in the hospital after her collapse, four of them on a ventilator as we started the only treatment offered to us for her condition, chemotherapy. We were told by her oncologist she’d be in the hospital at least 30 days but her recovery was next to miraculous in our eyes: we watched via daily x-ray as the mass in her chest melted away in just 5 days.

Previous to this we were a extremely health conscious: non vaxxi, homebirth, food as medicine family, so we rapidly overhauled our habits, environment, diet, and employed detox rhythms to support her journey to remission despite the oncologists’ apathetic opinions toward the power of lifestyle medicine during chemotherapy.

We strongly agree with the suggestion,

“You cannot heal in the exact environment you became sick in.”

So our household is now as non-toxic and anti-cancer as we have grace and means to provide, physically, relationally, spiritually, emotionally…every aspect within our power.

After Allora was given a cancer-free status in 28 days or less we searched for options to continue to live cancer free without cytotoxic chemotherapy like we’ve read so many have.

After spending around eight months of continued chemotherapy searching and finding no professionals in the states willing to treat our daughter apart from standard conventional treatment, we transferred providers to a new medical team abroad. There we were able to run labs, have her port maintained and eventually removed. Since returning to the states we received Allora’s lab results for heavy metals, nagalase to confirm remission, and nutritional absorption status. We are empowered to support her continued health path in very specific ways (i.e. nutritional IV’s, etc) due to these test results with our wonderful wellness team.

We continue to support her body as it detoxes the chemo via diet, exercise and infrared sauna use, among other things. Emotional mindfulness is a major key and engaging our faith. We are currently taking great strides to reverse the damage done to her gut by chemotherapy.

We often share what we are learning via the hashtag #wellwithintips.

Our family loves adventuring outdoors, traveling and are now on a never-ending family journey of stewarding abundant life from the inside out.