Affordable Non-Toxic Treatment

October 10, 2018October 10, 20182 comments

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  1. Closure

    I am so happy that we have people that care for our children, it doesn’t matter what race they are, a child is a child. I am real happy that you all have a breakthrough in child cancer treatment. I cannot imagine what parents are going through,
    that is great for the children thriving without long term chemo by utilizing nutrition, detox, cannabis oil and testing, keep up the good work.

  2. Jeff Witzeman, It was so refreshing to talk to you!!!! Thanks for your reply. And, I’m so excited your information, videos & educational tools are geared for parents whom realize cancer treatments of chemo and radiation are barbaric at best and eugenics in motion at the worst.

    Krissy and her Daughter Kylee are going to greatly benefit from all that you offer.

    I hope you’ll take a look at the driving issues which are causing this mess we are all in.

    And don’t forget I am ready for big patriot events of up to 5,000 people.
    I have Sound & Lighting & generators & all the music needed for events …. all in one vehicle

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