Adam Schiff and the Unconscionable Censorship of Free Speech

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March 1st, 2019, Congressman Adam Schiff writes a letter to Jeff Bezos of Amazon asking him what he is doing to control all “medically inaccurate” information on his platform.

Within hours, multiple films were pulled down from Amazon and Netflix including my film Flipping The Script, other vaccine information films like Vaxxed, and Root Cause about root canals being toxic. There was no judge, no jury, no looking into facts, just unmitigated fascism in America on a new level never seen before. As Andy Wakefield producer of Vaxxed put it, “This is like McCarthyism . . . only worse. The number of people they will injure or kill before all this gets sorted out is far worse than throwing people in jail for being communists.” So let’s break this down a little bit . . . why censorship and why now?

2019 is the year, pharmaceutical companies and their henchmen in governments, pulled out all the stops to get their deepest foothold yet in the day to day life of citizens in America. The United States and other corrupt governments are the only place they have left to create a monopoly with no ramifications for death and maiming of individuals. Since the 1986 law was passed granting immunity from liability to vaccine manufacturers, the gold rush was on with nothing stopping the pursuit of billion dollar profits for Big Pharma. Vaccine schedules went from 7 to 72. State governments voted to not just mandate vaccines, but also take away religious and medical exemptions from parents and doctors.

But there was a problem . . . vaccines cause more injuries and deaths than they actually prevent disease. The whole science is flawed because vaccines don’t even create immunity — they actually interrupt the immune system from protecting the individual. So, scientists, filmmakers and doctors started speaking out about the horrific injuries and deaths from vaccines and that’s when Pharma came up with a new brilliant plan. The new plan in 2019 is to ramp up the propaganda machine by creating more fear about disease to drown out all the concern about injury. So the masterminds took what worked before, reporting on a 2015 “measles outbreak” in Disneyland and got every news outlet to report on a new measles outbreak in multiple states across the country. Never mind that the vaccinated were getting the measles as well as the unvaccinated, the fear of disease spreading will cause everyone to do anything they are told.

Are you keeping track of the violations? We’ve got censorship, spreading false information to the public, and the coup de grace forcing vaccinations on everyone regardless of being immune compromised and sensitive to injury. This last issue is more easily won in a court of law as it is a violation of the Nuremberg code to inject anything toxic in an individual without voluntary consent.

And where vaccines are a HUGE source of revenue for both Big Pharma and the government who make money from the taxes and royalties, cancer treatment revenues are also threatened by filmmakers and doctors. Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back was the first film to be pulled from Amazon on March 1st, 2019 and understandably because the film showed families of children in remission from cancer, pulling their children off the forced 2–4 year chemo protocol and seeing their children thrive with nutrition, detox and cannabis oil . . . some of these children getting cancer after being vaccinated. Child cancer treatment is BIG business with revenues being around $65 Million per day for the medical industry. At 44 new cases of child cancer every day, and the average treatment cost being $1.5 Million, that is not a loss the industry could bear.

But then May 30th, 2019 my other film was pulled from Amazon — Cancer Can Be Killed. And this shows just how far the censorship is going. I’m actually surprised it took them this long to pull the movie, and even more surprised that I’m still alive. Thousands of people have been healing their cancer naturally with things like Hyperthermia, IV nutrients, Ozone, Cryoablation and Cannabis Oil after seeing the film and staying away from toxic chemo, radiation and radical surgery. Again, similar to vaccines, doctors are revealing that cancer is not a disease that responds to toxins, as its origins are a result of a compromised immune system that needs strengthening. So whether it is freedom from infections like measles or cancer, the immune system and its preservation are key. But western medicine doesn’t care about your immune system. They care about killing diseases with toxic petrochemicals that cause massive collateral damage, without any concern for the side effects they create.

The definition of evil by M. Scott Peck is anyone who exercises political power by using coercion or manipulation to preserve their own sick self (People of the Lie). Clearly the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the federal government all know there are ways to treat disease without toxins, but toxins make so much money. I sat down with Adam Schiff March 10th, 2016 to share the experience my wife had by going to Germany and killing her bladder cancer naturally in 30 days and avoiding bladder removal, chemo and radiation. So Adam clearly knows what’s possible. I have met with staff members in his office multiple times to go over new findings, and I am met with the same stone faced silence in doing anything about the facts. Adam won’t even meet with me anymore.

The last meeting I would ever get with Adam Schiff in 2016

Censorship is never a sign of strength . . . it’s a sign of weakness and fear. Violating consent as a tool for people to protect themselves is an egregious sin. But most of these violations can be slipped under people’s noses without repercussion until it actually affects them personally. For the media to report on a so-called epidemic of measles outbreaks, an infection that causes a week of down time along with lifelong immunity, without reporting on the massive deaths and injuries from the MMR Vaccine shows how utterly controlled the media is by Big Pharma.

Robert Kennedy Jr. from Children’s Health Defense spoke to Adam Schiff after the March 1st censorship and this is what he said: “Vaccine manufacturers . . . every one is a convicted felon. Since 2009 those 4 companies have paid a combined $35 Billion in criminal penalties and damages and fines for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for bribing doctors, for lying to the public and for killing lots and lots of people. What kind of cognitive dissonance does it require to understand that this company is lying and cheating and killing with every other medical product and pharmaceutical product it makes, but it has found Jesus when it comes to vaccines? And it’s OK to lie about that.”

I could feel sorry for Adam Schiff if I thought he was just ill informed or hadn’t done his research. Make no mistake about it . . . Adam Schiff knows exactly what is going on. He knows the children who are dying and being maimed, he knows cancer can be killed without toxins, he knows that children in remission from cancer are being forced into 2–4 years of chemotherapy needlessly to a life of bodily harm.

God help Adam Schiff. He has become the mouthpiece for the Devil.

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