So, your child or loved one’s child has cancer and you want to know how to approach treatment. And to compound the problem, choices are limited by the state mandating chemotherapy or radiation as the only options. And no question about it, we are in the Wild, Wild, West right now with lawlessness abounding and nobody really officiating the landscape.

Not to worry, we can forge our own path to ensure our child gets the best we can give them despite the landscape. Let’s think of treatment in two phases. First, getting the child into remission and second, keeping the cancer away through a healthy environment. And actually, the second phase is in effect the whole time – we are always seeking to help the child survive all the dangerous toxins that are being put in their bodies by using strategies that detox and flood the terrain with plenty of nutrition. Leukemia and lymphoma for example are related to harmful toxins being absorbed by the body, but also the bodies inability to process those toxins. And many of these children have the MTHFR Gene which means their body doesn’t expel these toxins as efficiently as other bodies. So, detox is very important.

Seek advice from your local naturopath, integrative or functional medicine specialist on all these strategies, but here are some ideas to get you started . . .

Detox strategies include: infrared sauna, Epsom salt baths, rebounding, removing the source of the toxins, Biomat, detox mud for hands and feet, and castor oil packs. (There is an emotional component to this as well as stress can keep the body from healing, so taking steps to clean up your emotional environment is important as well.)

Nutrition strategies include: Organic foods rich in fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, and SMOOTHIES. Things to avoid: Refined sugar (fruit sugar is OK), gluten, dairy (goat milk preferable to cow), red meat (grass fed organic beef can be re-introduced once cancer free for some time).

Supplements: Liposomal Vitamin C, Probiotics and Enzymes for the gut, any vitamin or mineral that is absent in the body or at a very low count. (Testing can reveal if there is a deficiency in Vitamin A for example or any other supplement needed.) Cannabis Oil: depending on the state you live in, you can at least do CBD oil and often both THC and CBD oil in a 1:1 ratio. The studies on cannabis killing cancer are legion. Remember to start slowly and build up to a dosage that kills the cancer and keeps it away.


Traditional oncologists sadly only have two options in the toolbox, and that is chemotherapy or radiation, neither of which get to the root of the problem. So, what is the core problem? Something is out of balance . . . there’s either too many toxins coming in, a genetic predisposition to the body needing help in some area (MTHFR Gene or other), or an environmental factor such as stress that is causing the body’s immune system to be compromised. So, we are going to have to go outside of the traditional allopathic medical system which only treats symptoms rather than getting to the core problem. This will mean paying out of pocket in most cases, and if you need to do crowdfunding, then do it. But rest assured, now you are fixing the problem. And this may take some time . . . be patient and keep being part of the solution by asking questions and steering the ship home.

Who to see? You will inevitably want to do some testing to find out what is really going on in your child to create cancer in the first place. Two tests that are useful are a Nagalase test and an RGCC test.   These will determine if they are in fact in remission and if not, what can work to kill the cancer. Other testing includes blood and urine testing to test for micro nutrients, metals, toxins, gluten sensitivity. These are all things to talk with your Naturopath/Integrative/Functional Medicine specialist. Together you can find the answer to the riddle.

To that end, here are some folks I have come across that can help, but I strongly recommend doing an internet search for the Naturopath/Integrative/Functional Medicine specialist in your area.

Zuza’s Way: Dagmara Beine in Thiensville, Wisconsin runs an integrative practice. She was featured in Flipping the Script and is someone I go to for many of my questions.

My Wellness Tutor: Valerie Warwick, a 20-year oncology nurse who left the profession to tutor people to wellness and out of cancer. Also featured in Flipping the Script and has helped numerous people I know including myself and my wife.

Advanced Medical Therapies:  Dr. Paul Anderson treated Ryder Stern from The Stern Method and has been willing to testify for families wishing to treat their children without chemo while in remission. Dr. Anderson is located in Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Robert Rountree: Dr. Rountree is in Boulder, Colorado and is currently monitoring Harvey Nickel who was featured in the film.

Organizations that support families:




Videos of adults healing cancer naturally: